Wide range of Heightec products now available

Our supply partners Heightec are a UK manufacturer that have over 20 years’ experience specialising in the design and manufacture of technical products for ascent, descent, work positioning, fall arrest and rescue.  Their equipment is designed with the highest margins of safety and tested beyond the requirements of international standards.

Heightec products combine exceptional performance with superior strength and durability and are manufactured within the highest levels of quality control.

Ridgeway stock a wide range of Heightec Products,  please click on images below for more information.

ALTUS Alloy tri-act karabiner

ALTUS Alloy Tri-Act Karabiner:-

The ALTUS Alloy tri-act karabiner is commonly used when weight is an issue, such as tower climbing or in rope access.

It has an offset D-shaped with triple action lock.  The ALTUS Alloy tri-act karabiner has an 11mm bar diameter with 19mm gate opening.

Elite Twin Lanyard 1.25m:-

This is an energy absorbing suspension relief fall arrest twin lanyard with scaffold hooks.  The Heightec ELITE twin lanyard allows for connection to a ladder or structure when climbing masts and towers and includes scaffold hook terminations.  It is a premium product offering advanced safety features.

ELITE twin lanyard 1.25
ELITE twin lanyard 1.25

Elite Twin Lanyard 1.75m:-

This Lanyard was developed for use on overhead line towers for vertical climbing and structural attachment.  It allows for continuous protection while moving location by providing a connection to alternating anchor points.

Delta Steel Screwlink 10mm:-

The Delta Steel Screwlink is a high strength and versatile connector and is much more secure than a karabiner.  It negates the possibility of cross loading and is suitable for a wide range of uses in work at height and rescue situations.  The screw barrel must be fully closed during use.

Delta Steel Screwlink 10mm
Heightec parking point

Heightec Lanyard Parking Point:-

The Heightec Lanyard Parking Point can be positioned on the harness shoulders so end connectors are stowed high up to reduce trip hazards associated with longer lanyards.

Heightec Restraint Belt CIRRUS- WTG Work Positioning Belt, Quick Connect:-

The CIRRUS WTG Work Positioning Belt is designed for wind turbine climbers and can be used for work restraint.  It is a quick connect positioning belt, which can be used with the CIRRUS Harness.  The CIRRUS WTG Work Positioning Belt complies with the Siemens PPE requirements PRO-13838 Ap

CIRRUS WTG Work Postioning Belt 2
Cirrus WTG Harness

Heightec CIRRUS Harness:-

The CIRRUS WTG Harness has quick connect leg loops and a chest strap buckle which is fully adjustable allowing for an easy and comfortable fit.  It also comes with shoulder buckles which allows quick and easy adjustment with one hand.

Heightec Personal Kit Bag:-

The Heightec Personal Kit Bag allows for storage and transport of PPE.  This  provides easy control and protection of PPE.  It’s volume and WLL capacity is ideal for hoisting a 5 litre fluids container.   The design and construction of the Heightec Personal Kit Bag ensures a long working life even in harsh or aggressive environments.

Heightec Personal Kit Bag
PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard 5m and 10m

PIRANHA adjustable lanyard 5m and 10m:-

The PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard is suitable for roofs and sloping situations and locks automatically when loaded.  The PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard is a versatile and adjustable rope fall prevention system for flat or sloping situations.  It provides support to a user positioned below the anchorage point or provides restraint against a fall to a user connected to a properly positioned anchor away from the edge.

PIRANHA wp adjustable lanyard 2m:-

The PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard is a compact device used for work positioning on masts, towers, pylons or other lattice structures in telecoms, power and entertainment industries.  It has a gradual action and can be accurately controlled with one hand.  This adjustable lanyard allows for precise positioning for the work task.  Its sleeve protects against abrasion, sharp edges and contamination.

PIRANHA wp adjustable lanyard 2m
Sewn Nylon Sling

Sewn Nylon Sling:-

The Sewn Nylon Sling has a round loop of 25mm width webbing.  It can be used end to end or wrapped around as a strop.  The Sewn Nylon Sling allows connection to an anchor point that may be too large to connect directly to.  This can also be used to extend an anchor point to a more suitable location.

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