Use mobile access towers? EN 1004 is changing!


What the new standard means for you?

If you or your workers use mobile access towers, you have a responsibility to provide equipment that’s safe and reliable. A simple way to do that is to ensure that it’s certified to design standard EN 1004-1.

EN 1004-1 tells us what materials, dimensions, design loads, safety and performance requirements mobile access towers should conform to. The standard has been around since 2004, but a new version was published in November 2020. It’s titled EN 1004-1:2020.


The old EN 1004:2004 standard will be withdrawn a year later, in November 2021. The months leading up to the withdrawal date are effectively a transition period, during which designers, manufacturers and suppliers will switch to providing mobile access towers that comply with, and are certified to, the new EN 1004-1:2020.

How the changes affect you depends on your role in the industry, but we’re here to support you through them. This is your guide to the revision – what’s changing, when, and how to prepare. It’s a must-read for anyone who buys, hires, owns or uses mobile access towers, or is responsible for safety in the workplace.

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