ELITE Twin Lanyard 1.25m

ELITE twin lanyard 1.25
This is an energy absorbing suspension relief fall arrest twin lanyard with scaffold hooks.  The Heightec ELTIE twin lanyard allows for connection to a ladder or structure when climbing masts and towers and includes scaffold hook terminations.  It is a premium product offering advanced safety features. Its special compact energy absorbing element has a high strength stainless steel connecting ring. … Read More

ELITE Twin Lanyard 1.75m

ELITE Twin Lanyard 1.75
This Lanyard was developed for use on overhead line towers for vertical climbing and structural attachment.  It allows for continuous protection while moving location by providing a connection to alternating anchor points. It is fitted with 2 large pear shaped karabiners that have side opening gates for greater gate clearance and is also fitted with two double action hooks that… Read More


Our supply partners Heightec are a UK manufacturer with over 20 years' experience specialising in the design and manufacture of technical products for ascent, descent, work positioning, fall arrest and rescue.  Their equipment is designed with the highest margins of safety and tested beyond the requirements of international standards. Heightec products combine exceptional performance with superior strength and durability and… Read More