Sewn Nylon Sling

Sewn Nylon Sling Datasheet
Sewn Nylon Sling The Sewn Nylon Sling has a round loop of 25mm width webbing.  It can be used end to end or wrapped around as a strop.  The Sewn Nylon Sling allows connection to an anchor point that may be too large to connect directly to.  This can also be used to extend an anchor point to a more… Read More

Personal Kit Bag

Heightec Personal Kit Bag
The Heightec Personal Kit Bag allows for storage and transport of PPE.  This  provides easy control and protection of PPE.  It’s volume and WLL capacity is ideal for hoisting a 5 litre fluids container.   The design and construction of the Heightec Personal Kit Bag ensures a long working life even in harsh or aggressive environments. Gallery PDF Downloads FeaturesSpecificationsGallery PDF… Read More


Our supply partners Heightec are a UK manufacturer with over 20 years' experience specialising in the design and manufacture of technical products for ascent, descent, work positioning, fall arrest and rescue.  Their equipment is designed with the highest margins of safety and tested beyond the requirements of international standards. Heightec products combine exceptional performance with superior strength and durability and… Read More