Conquip Excavator Forks

Conquip Excavator Forks
Conquip Excavator forks is a handy attachment allowing excavator to transport paletised loads, especially on sites where telehandler is not available. The latest model offers improved visibility of the fork tines from the excavator cabin, increased strength, and durability. Available in 3 sizes to suit: 5-9 tonne excavators 13-22 tonne excavators 30-50 tonne excavators Details: floating forks for easier placement… Read More

Conquip Stretcher Cage

Conquip Stretcher Cage 
This fully compliant stretcher cage allows for transport of injured personnel on site. As a legal requirement on many sites, stretcher cage is a much safer alternative to lifting a stretcher up or down temporary stairways. Details: half-heigh solid metal sides internal harness points handrails and ‘up and over’ doors for maximum safety and space completed with fork pockets To… Read More

Conquip Autolock Tipping Skip

Conquip AutoLock Tipping Skip
The self-tipping mechanism of Conquip Autolock Tipping Skip allows for faster, easier, and safer transportation of waste material. Unlike a standard forklift tipping skip, Autolock tips by adjusting the angle of the telehandler’s forks eliminating the need for levers, cables and safety restraint chains to discharge. Driver can remain in the cabin which makes Autolock much safer and faster method.… Read More

Conquip Site Products

CantiDeck Conquip Long Load Trolley Conquip Crane Forks Conquip Crane Forks Cage Conquip Concrete Column Skip Conquip Goods Cage Conquip Stretcher Cage Conquip Excavator Forks Conquip AutoLock Tipping Skip Read More

Conquip Long Load Trolley

A support trolley to transport materials from a loading platform into a structure. The Conquip Long Load stocked by Ridgeway allows loads that are longer than the deck of the CantiDeck platform to be safely slung and lifted away without needing to open the doors at the leading edge of a platform. It is designed as a support trolley designed… Read More