Staff Awarded APPSNI Level 3 Certificate in Engineering

APPSNI Level 3 Certificate in Engineering
Ridgeway would like to congratulate Daryl Letman and Adam Heron on obtaining their APPSNI Level 3 Certificate in Engineering.  Daryl is a Technician in our Spray and Pump Department and Adam is a Workshop Mechanic.   They have both worked in Ridgeway throughout the four years of their apprenticeships and are very valued members within our team.  Having achieved their APPSNI… Read More

Apprenticeships Play Key Role in Rebuilding Economy

Ridgeway’s support of a local job drive ’50 jobs in 50 days’ was documented in local papers recently as the Duke of York expressed his “delight” at the campaign organised by the Belfast Telegraph. Dr Stephen Farry, Employment Minister said that employment schemes like apprenticeships played a key role in helping to rebuild the economy.  The campaign has continued to…

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