Specialist Sports Fencing supplied by Ridgeway

Ridgeway specialise in helping you get the correct sports fencing.  We can also provide you with details of specialist installation teams who can offer you a turnkey package with the highest of standards.

We have many different fencing options for you to choose from. Please click on images below for more information.

Spectator Rail System

Our Spectator Rail System offers a flush top 1030mm & 1230mm high spectator rail system.  They can be provided a heavy-duty 868 mesh infill or a lighter 656 mesh infill depending on your application.   It can also be designed to include both top and bottom rails for extra rigidity.

Our Spectator Rail Systems can be upgraded to rebound mesh for behind goal areas or multi use pitches where games are played across the pitch and spilt up for various users.


  • Durable
  • Cost effective
  • Can be customised to suit various sports such as GAA and hockey
Spectator Rail Fencing

Ridgefence Sports Standard

Our sports standard system is ideally suited for small MUGA’s or low impact soft ball sports.

RidgeFence Sports Standard


  • Heights of up to 6 meters
  • Very high rigidity
  • Goal recesses available
  • Wide choice of colours available
  • Can be supplied as a complete system

Ridgefence Sports Rebound

This system is stronger than our sports standard, it is suitable for heavy daily use and or where sport is played on a more professional level.  It is ideally suited for hockey or high impact hard ball sports due to it’s tight mesh configuration to the base panel.


  • Heights up to 6 metes
  • Very high rigidity
  • Optional cross rails
  • Unique Varimesh panels
  • Wide choice of colours available
  • Can be  supplied as a complete system
  • Gates can be inserted at any point
Ridgefence Sports Rebound

Ridgefence Ball Court Gates

Our Ridgefence Ball Court Systems can be complimented by a full range of flush fitting single leaf access gates for personal entry into the play area, or double leaf access gates offering easy access for maintenance vehicles or emergency vehicles.  They can be supplied colour coated assisting users to easily locate the entry/exit points into the play area.

Ridgefence Ballcourt Gates


  • Gates can be used with all Ridgefence systems
  • Available in single or double leaf
  • All our ball court gates are rear hung outward opening away from the court eliminating possible injury to users of the facility

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