Ridgeway’s Filter Units supplied for Rampion Offshore Wind Farm project

Since August 2016 Ridgeway has been supplying their patented filter unit rock bag system for cable end support and cable protection during the construction of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm project, which is owned by E.ON, UK Green Investment Bank and Enbridge.  Ridgeway have been working closely with the Rampion construction team and their offshore installation contractors to ensure filter unit rock bags, filled with locally sourced marine aggregate, are prepared and ready for loading during specific port calls.

Filter unit rock bags are a new innovative and tested solution for protecting the subsea assets during the lifetime of an offshore wind farm.  Its one point lifting system allows fast and accurate placement on the seabed, significantly reducing vessel time and overall project cost.

Our filter unit rock bag system has a simple design; they are constructed using recycled synthetic material and filled with stones.  They protect marine structures from scouring processes while harnessing and maintaining the marine environment.  The flexibility of filter unit rock bags makes them versatile and is a proven solution for subsea cable protection.

Filter Units supplied by Ridgeway
Filter Units supplied by Ridgeway

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