Ridgeway stock a vast range of COMBISAFE products

Here at Ridgeway we stock a vast range of COMBISAFE products.  COMBISAFE are world leaders in protection systems for working at height. Please click images below for more information.

COMBISAFE Loading System MkII:- This system was created to prevent falls from height during the loading and unloading of equipment from the top of a flatbed delivery lorry/trailer in a safe manner.  The COMBISAFE Loading System MkII has a modular support base which allows the disassembled units to be stacked, enabling more units to be transported on one vehicle and much less space taken up for storage.

COMBISAFE Loading System MkII

COMBISAFE POWER POST System:- The POWER POST System is a safe and rapid edge protection for concrete floors. It fixes between concrete floors and soffits without anchors to provide safe and rapid installation of edge protection.

COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier Systems:- The COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier System was developed to span trades, accommodating their different edge protection needs within the different phases of construction projects. It has been the forerunner in edge protection for two decades.

COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier System
COMBISAFE Sky Reach Anchor

COMBISAFE Sky Reach Anchor:- The SkyReach Anchor is a lightweight and CE-certified overhead anchor device.  It is designed to be installed, used and manoeuvred by one person.  The Sky Reach Anchor helps to prevent falls from heights.  A SkyReach Anchor is perfect for anyone working on a leading edge or installing decking for horizontal formwork.

COMBISAFE Site Stairway: The COMBISAFE Site Stairway is a quick and secure temporary access stair. It is quick and easy to install on site and ready to be used in minutes. The Site Stairway is available in 6 lengths. It is made from galvanised steel and offers a simple and effective access solution between floors in buildings under construction, different levels around the building site, access to table platforms, embankments and service ducts to name a few.

Combisafe Site Stairway
COMBISAFE Safety Net Fans

COMBISAFE Safety Net Fans:- The COMBISAFE Safety Net Fan provides collective protection from falling objects. It is the latest innovation in high-rise protection and is ideally suited to compact inner city locations where space can be tight, and the protection of people and properties is essential to ensure there are no potential hazards.

COMBISAFE Universal Stair:- The COMBISAFE Universal Stair gives complete access between building and scaffolding.  It is an all-aluminium solution for temporary access between levels in scaffolds or construction sites and for building stair towers on traditional scaffolding available in 5 lengths.

COMBISAFE Universal Stair

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