Ridgeway Sponsor Milk Cup Co. Down Player

Ridgeway have recently jumped at the opportunity to support local talent in the prestigious annual Milk Cup Event due to take place from 26th to 31st July this year.

A new initiative has recently been launched to encourage companies to support players from each province taking part in the event this year.  Stephen Kane, Managing Director of Ridgeway has been instrumental in sourcing companies to provide this support for these young players.

Stephen commented “Getting the right support behind these talented local teenagers is vital at this time in their careers, and I am thrilled to have our company name Ridgeway in the line up of those companies able to help.  Our sponsored player is local boy Oliver Webber and on behalf of everyone at Ridgeway, we wish him the very best of luck for the week ahead.”

If you would like to follow the action at the Milk Cup this year, click this link to visit their Facebook Page