Recent HAE Supply Chain Event Belfast

At a recent Hire Association Europe members conference, Stephen Kane representing Ridgeway as an HAE member for almost 40 years was asked to speak on the topic of safe hire as a recognised award for benchmarking excellence within the local hire industry.
The presentation began with Billy Black from the DFP Northern Ireland who presented an introduction to Public Procurement;  the Procurement Process;  Promoting Opportunities for SMEs and Collaborative Contracts – Vehicles and Plant Hire Services.  Billy commented how CPD has issued guidance aimed at helping SMEs and is working with partners to assist SME participation.  Tendering workshops are being provided by local councils and business network organisations.
HAE is now recognised under the Selection Criteria (see below) and will now be working towards including the SafeHire Certification Scheme within this list.CCVPHS
Stephen Kane was asked to join the construction industry group 6 years ago to represent HAE and the hire industry in Northern Ireland and during that time has worked towards the greater benefit for everyone he represents.
Stephen commented:  “The hire industry in Northern Ireland has continued to invest heavily to support customers and adapt to the changes needed to operate in new territory and new sectors.   We are an essential industry to our construction industry as our customers rely on us to have reliable , modern , cost effective plant and equipment inventories to allow them to function with more cash, more yard space and less maintenance, we very much are a key link in the supply chain!!
The standards, regulations, training, and compliance we adopt, such as SAFEHIRE, set trade bench marks that we should call for on contracts , contractors and sub contractors to use for public works in particular, to recognise and reward the excellence within the local hire industry.
Amanda Stevenson, Project Manager with CITB NI presented on the support being given by CITB to address the industry’s skills shortages and HAE introduced delegates to its Future Hirers initiative – a programme to promote the many careers available within the hire industry with visits to schools, FE establishments and a partnership with DWP, Job Centre Plus offices throughout the UK.
Finally, Graham Arundell presented on the SafeHire Certification Scheme highlighting how the scheme benefits hire and rental businesses, of all sizes, and how HAE will support its members in achieving this highly acclaimed industry standard.
HAE will soon be announcing the date for the next, free to attend, very popular SafeHire Essentials Workshop being arranged for members in Northern Ireland.
The event also provided an excellent opportunity to meet with association members and colleagues from the wider industry.