CantiDeck Stocked by Ridgeway

Having identified that there are common issues that project teams face on site around vertical logistics and goods movements, concerns include safety of personnel while working at height, inefficient crane movements and costly temporary works.

To overcome these issues the CantiDeck was developed.  The CantiDeck is a temporary loading platform which extends from a building structure to allow materials and equipment to be loaded in and out of the building.

Efficient:- The CantiDeck system is the fastest loading bay for relocation and installation, with a high working load limit capacity to enable loading of a wide variety of materials, equipment and pre-fabricated sections, increasing the efficiency of vertical movements.

Safe:- Safe access for working at height, the CantiDeck offers a safe method of loading materials.  Onsite training enables site operatives to relocate the platforms safely when required.

Cost Savings:- Overall project times can be reduced with this system.

CantiDeck Fixed Flush

CantiDeck Fixed Flush stocked by Ridgeway

CantiDeck Super Roller

CantiDeck Super Roller


CantiDeck Flat Head System

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