Toeplate is used to form a barrier to prevent objects falling off the edge of the walkway.  5mm flat bar is supplied in various heights (depending on the depth of flooring) to provide a 100mm high edge protection around the open grid flooring.

Toe plate can be either welded to the flooring or attached to the handrail stanchions using a U bolt or our innovative kickklamp system.

Kickklamp System

KickKlamp brackets are a revolutionary system for fixing kick flat / toe plate to handrail standards. The basic principle involves gripping the toe plate with steel ‘forked fingers’ and fixing to the stanchion with a single grub screw.

Raised Platforms

Waste Energy Plants

Power Stations

k25 / k40K25 - K40



K25 To Suit
Tubular Stanchion Sold Stanchion
25NB (33.7mm o/d) 32mm Dia
K40 To Suit
Tubular Stanchions Solid Stanchions
32nb (42.4mm o/d)
40nb (48.3mm o/d) 45mm Dia.





side palm fixing systemside palm

Alternate the KickKlamps (K25 / K40), fixing them to the top and bottom of the toe plate. On shorter runs, for extra security, use two KickKlamps per stanchion, one of the top and one on the bottom of the toe plate.


flat base fixing systemflat base

Fix KickKlamps to every stanchion on top of the toe plate and clamp down against the base plate of the stanchion.


toe plate connectors

To accompany the KickKlamps, corner brackets (KCB1 / KCB2) and straight connectors (KCB3) can be used to join the lengths of toe plate as required.

KCB1   KCB1 – Internal Connector 

KCB2KCB2 – External Connector 

KCB3KCB3 – Straight Connector

U Bolt toe plate connector U Bolt

As an alternative method of fixing toe plate to a stanchion, the toeplate can be cut to size and drilled at each end to allow a U bolt to be fixed around a stanchion and securing the toe plate in place.