Safegrate is a heavy duty open mesh flooring capable of withstanding vehicular loadings.  BS4592-1:2006 advises that where gratings are required to take vehicle loads travelling at 90° to the direction of the bearing bars, the grating shall either have pressed bars or transverse bars that pass through the bearing bars below the top of the grating.  This provides the grating with greater lateral restraint when subjected to breaking and acceleration motions of the vehicle.

Safegrate is used where vehicles are likely to pass over the grating such as : –

  • Vehicle wash areas
  • Loading bays.
  • Boat landings
  • Offshore oil rigs where trolleys can be pulled across the grating
  • Data centres.

Mesh Sizes

Safegrate 1 heavy duty grating

Load bearing bar centres (A) Transverse Bar Centes (B)  Load bearing bar thickness available
20, 25, 33, 40mm  100mm 5, 6, 8, 10mm
Load bearing bars are available from 25-100mm

Heavy Duty Loadings

Loading criteria can vary for safegrate depending on the application.  Lionweld Kennedy have devised a series of load tables designed to give a quick reference guide for the maximum wheel load that each grating can be used for.  We have split the load tables into categories for common vehicles and wheel contact areas for each vehicle.

Alternative options are available, for information on specific loading criteria, you should contact our sales team with the following information

  • Maximum wheel load
  • Maximum clear span
  • Length and breadth of the tread contact area
  • Any restrictions on the depth of grating.

Transverse Bars

Transverse bars are  9mm diameter round bar passing through the flooring at 100mm intervals and then spot welded on one side.