Speciality Metals

In practise, any ductile metal may be expanded to form a mesh, and the unique technology of cutting and stretching has been applied to many exotic materials. The technology of manufacture is essentially ‘loss-less’. Valuable materials can be processed without incurring cutting loss or generating unacceptable levels of waste. The Expanded Metal Company have a wealth of experience in this field, regularly expanding platinum, titanium, nickel and other valuable materials. Some of the more unusual materials, which are regularly produced by the Company, are:

Expanded Titanium

Expanded Titanium offers superb weight/strength ratios, and the expanded material can have subtended volume densities approaching that of polymer components. Titanium is also biologically inert, and offers total stability in the presence of aqueous and body fluids. Titanium offers extreme stability and freedom from corrosion in harsh environments.

Expanded Tantalum and Niobium

Used in inert atmosphere heating systems, evaporation baskets, crucible holders and jigs within the semiconductor industry, and in the electrochemical industry as specialist electrodes.

Precious Metals

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Osmium and Ruthenium can all be produced as expanded mesh. These materials have applications in the precious metal plating industry, in advanced electro-catalytic systems and fuel cells.

Electrochemical industry as an electrode material for chlor-alkali production cells

Anode basket fabrication

High technology sports gear

Advanced automotive components


Military battle damage repair systems.

OEM material specifications in the field of ‘exotic’ and high value specialist materials should be discussed with our technical sales department. These materials are generally made to order, to customer specification and to customer quality requirements. We can offer technical advice on production techniques, the form and nature of the expanded product, and application suitability.

We are always willing to work with customers on new materials in this area and to assist in deriving product specifications for application requirements. Contact us for more information.