Securascreen is a comprehensive screening system which increases security and aesthetic appeal.
We have specifically developed Securascreen to incorporate security, high wind load capacity, ventilation, a robust design plus a pleasing array of meshes. Securascreen is easy to incorporate into your building requirements, whether it is retro fit or new build. It makes sense to specify Securascreen as a standard aesthetic preventative measure. Securascreen can be installed at any time to roof tops or at ground level.

Screening – As there are a choice of meshes available, simply alternating the orientation of the mesh determines the level of visability or privacy.

Ventilation – the variable amount of free area gives Securascreen the capability to cope with high wind loads and also allows a specific amount a ventilation to channel through.

Plant Housing (roof top / ground level)

Secure Compounds

Bin / Recycling Stores

Securascreen conforms to BS5950 and BS6399-2 standards, up to a wind speed of 24.5 m/s and galvanised mild steel material comes as standard. Aluminium and Stainless steel are available at extra cost.
Based on a steel framework Securascreen can be easily modified to specific heights and fixing scenarios.

Our effective ‘Change of Direction’ post allows any face angle to be easily accomodated. Gates can be incorporated to allow for installation or removal of plant equipment and emergency access.

Available in any RAL colour, to blend in, or contrast with the surroundings.

For any further details please contact us on 01429 867388 or see our Brochure Download tab on the website. You can also request a Securascreen installation guide.

A versatile complete screening system.

Specific design can incorporate all site requirements.

Increased protection and security of housed equipment.

Robust with a high wind load capacity.

Provides ventilation to housed equipment.

Mesh range provides a choice of a appearances.