Metal Laths

Expanded metal laths provide an excellent key for finishing materials such as plasters / renders on masonry, ceilings, suspended ceilings and timber framed buildings. The lathing is manufactured in galvanised and stainless steel, which can be used for internal and external applications.
In addition to the use on flat surfaces, laths can be also used on projects where curved or domed shapes are required. On the question of fire protection to structural steelwork, lath can provide a quick, simple and cost effective method of forming a key background around the steel to which the fire protection coating can then be applied.

Suitable for use in both commercial projects and home improvements

Can be used on internal or external plasterwork or rendering finishes

Expanded metal lath has a proven track record for quality and value.

The mesh can be easily formed into curved surfaces as demonstrated in its use to form the framework of The Selfridges Whale building in Birmingham.

Metal lath improves the appearances of cracking plaster / render.

Can be provided cut to shape and sizes.

Can be used as a carrier for fire protection to structural steelwork.

The mesh is easily fixed and ready to use.

Wide range of options to suit your specific use.

Strip mesh can be used along the lines of potential weakness.

Corner mesh is used for reinforcing corners formed by plaster / render.

Corner mesh reduces cracking in plaster / render caused by shrinkage.


Z2 quality pre-galvanised steel, thickness is 0.95mm @ 2.50kgm2
Mesh size 28.57mm long way x 9.5mm short way
Sheet size is 2500mm x 700mm
Use – heavyweight plasters e.g. Barium based.


304S15 grade Stainless Steel, material thickness .460mm @ 1.15kgm2
Mesh size 28.57mm long way x 9.5mm short way
Sheet size is 2500mm x 700mm
Use – carrier for render surfaces (external).