Filters and Filtration

We offer a wide range of metal mesh filtration components and stock an extensive range of meshes for fine filtration, support and pleating with media.
We are experienced suppliers of high volume OEM products, to key filtration manufacturers in automotive, chemical and air conditioning industries. We also manufacture a well-established range of expanded metal mesh filter panels.

Air conditioning
Chemical Industry
Industrial Processing

Super or Economy Options
25mm thick – 610 x610mm, 508x508mm, 457x457mm, (nominal sizes)
50mm thick – 610 x610mm, 508x508mm, 457x457mm, (nominal sizes)
Galvanised, Stainless Steel, Tinplate panels available to order.

Extensive choice of meshes for filtration.

Fine fabric gauzes are suited for micro filtration.

Larger meshes are designed for strengthening, retention and sorting.

Meshes can be shaped pressed and welded to form bespoke shapes.

Typical shapes include conical and cylindrical.

Expertise at bespoke design, new product development and high volume products.

Production expertise in formed components.

Our filtration components have proven performance in a range of environments.

Keen lead times.

Quality standards.

Mesh tube forming facilities on site.

Mini meshes for fine filtration.

Pleated meshes available for corrugating with infill.

Filtration panels for grease, oil and dust filtration available to order.