Effective void property protection is assured with ExVoid, an attractive alternative to perforated metal and timber that can save over £50 on a three bedroomed semi-detached house. Viewed proportionately to housing stock of hundreds or thousands this translates to massive long-term savings, effective immediately

ExVoid is manufactured from galvanised steel into a tight expanded metal mesh that is extremely robust, fireproof and weatherproof. Its design allows for high visibility through the mesh. This allows door and window detailing to be viewed from a distance, providing an improved perception of the property whilst not compromising security.

The Expanded Metal Company offers a complete bespoke service on this product: mesh panels are supplied cut to size, saving time and improving safety on site. A consequential benefit of factory finishing is a reduction in waste material enabling cost savings to be passed on.

ExVoid panels are easily and securely fitted either into brickwork or surrounding window/door frames.

Window and Door Security Screens

The industry standard perforated metal is made by punching the holes out of steel sheets – a very wasteful process. Expanded Metal is made from a single piece of steel and is slit and formed to create a strong and tight mesh. Because there is little waste in the manufacturing process this cost reduction is reflected in the price to the customer.