Bolt Boxes

Bolt Boxes are fabricated from expanded metal mesh.  They are used as permanent shuttering, to form cavities in foundation or slab concrete for bolts securing the steel stanchions to the foundations or slab.  After a stanchion has been correctly positioned the cavity formed by the bolt box is filled with fine grout. The expanded metal provides an ideal key for the concrete and, as the boxes do not have to be removed, considerable time can be saved.

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The fixing of steelwork to foundations
Provide holes for pipes or ventilation ducting
Wherever concrete is cast bolt boxes can provide a simple solution to many problems.

For use with loose bolts the bolt boxes must have closed bottoms and should be ordered approximately 50mm longer than the bolt so as to allow for any seepage at the bottom of the box.

If it is essential to use vibrators around the bolt boxes they MUST be wrapped with a single layer of thin polythene sheet of the Clingfilm type. This will not affect the key provided by the mesh but will prevent excessive ingress of grout into the box.

Sizes are available in 75mm and 100mm diameter in lengths from 150mm up to over 600mm.

Wide range of sizes available for manufacture.

Competitively priced.

Helps save time on site.

Help increase productivity, as they are permanent unlike other similar products in the market place.