Architectural Meshes

Discover the versatility of expanded metal mesh for yourself. Diamond, slotted, circular, flat – shaped, rigid, flexible – natural, coloured – shiny, matt. It’s versatility and flexibility makes it ideal for architectural design.

Expanded mesh has many practical benefits including increased protection, improved ventilation, enhanced security and good aesthetics. There are a massive choice of colours, patterns, designs and sizes. In the UK, the aesthetic value of mesh is just beginning to be truly appreciated for interior design and façade cladding. However Japanese, American and European designers have long worked with expanded metal materials to produce artistic and high impact products and projects.

Cladding Wall panels Screening
Signage Shelving Walkways
Grilles Ceiling tiles Balustrades
Shaped Ceilings Ornamental features Speaker grilles
Columns Display Units

Variety of Patterns – slotted, diamond, hexagon, circular, rectangular
Range of Weight options – extensive choice from a delicate fabric gauze to rigid steel
Finishes- galvanised, anodised, PPC
Experienced in bespoke design
Competitively priced for decorative and functional purposes