Dura Slab

Dura Slab is made from Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and is a composite material made of a thermosetting plastic resin reinforced by fine fibres of glass along with the use of additives, and is commonly referred to as fibreglass.

The Dura Slab is a precision engineered high capacity heavy duty structural flooring slab, which is designed to replace heavy duty concrete. It has a lightweight design which is low maintenance and dramatically reduces the cost of installation as well as transportation costs.

Dura Slab is ideal for new constructions but is also well suited for refurbishment applications to replace old, heavy and cumbersome traditional flooring materials. The characteristics of Dura Slab make it more favourable than using steel, timber or concrete systems due to its lower weight, anti-slip surface, ease of installation and absence of maintenance.

Dura Slab is an immensely versatile material, which combines lightweight with inherent strength to provide a resilient finished product. It comes with a variety of surface textures and virtually unlimited ranges of colours.

Health and Safety Compliant

Dura Slab is alone in providing such a comprehensive list of health and safety benefits. It has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface, especially in oily, wet or frosty conditions. Dura Slab weights a fraction of steel or concrete and can be supplied in 25kg or 50kg panel sizes. This allows for one or two man lifts, which is complaint to health and safety regulations. Routine inspections and repairs can be carried out easily by simply removing the appropriate panel, eliminating the need for expensive heavy lifting equipment and machinery in cases where access is limited.

British Standard Compliant

Dura Slab can be BS EN 124 approved. This European standard applies to gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas. In order to reach the standard a Dura Slab panel is subjected to a repeated load as per BS EN 124 standards.

• Work Platforms
• Substations
• Water Plants
• Walkways
• Clean Rooms
• Tunnels
• Sewage Plants
• Internal Utility Covers
• Chemical Plants
• Industrial Plants
• Schools
• Tank Covers
• Hospitals
• Warehouses
• Factories

• High strength & lightweight
• Dimensional stability
• Corrosion/chemical/electrical resistance
• Low tooling/installation cost
• Long life
• GRP products compete very favourably on a performance/life cycle cost basis versus traditional materials
• Up to 11.5T SWL
• 2 Man Lift
• Suitable for use in harsh environments
• Unlikely to flame
• Reduces slips, trips and falls
• Suitable for a range of applications
• Won’t fail due to cracking

• High load capacity
• Low weight
• Corrosion resistance
• Fire retardant
• Anti-slip surface
• Image resistance
• Lifting options
• Lockable
• Rubber seal options
• Memory Deflection

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