EVO Barriers

EVO Barrier

Our EVO Barrier range consists of three design sizes, these can be fully interlocked into each other allowing a fully versatile variable height barrier system.

The EVO Barrier can be water filled or for a more permanent requirement sand filled and can be assembled with ease.  These have been designed to create a solid wall leaving no gaps between each barrier when linked together.

They are made from UV stabilised prime polyethylene, each design is fully stackable.   This allows for them to be easily stored or transported.  Our EVO Barriers are predominantly produced in red and white but other colours are available if required.

The EVO Barriers unique design offers a high barrier to pallet ratio and one of the highest full load quantities on the market.  Each barrier is fully compatible to fit reflective post & plank or mini mesh panels.

MIRA Wind Speed Test Results

3 x 1 Metre EVO Barriers (water filled to fill line) with mini mesh panels withstood wind speed of up to 55mp.  No barrier failed at the given speed.

EVO Angle Barrier

Within our EVO Barrier range, we also have an angle barrier.  This water filled barrier fits onto either end of the 1 and 1.5 EVO barriers and provides a right of left hand 90-degree corner.  The EVO Angle Barrier ensures no gaps between barriers when angled and allows easy sectioning off of areas.  They have a neat and tidy appearance, are compatible with all additional panel systems and are made form 100% recyclable UV MDPE.

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Can be used for:

Crowd control
Traffic delineation
Protection of construction site staff
Pedestrian control
Sporting events
Temporary road closures
Race tracks
Public works
Site/works security
Government facilities
Indoor/outdoor events
Flood control
Any emergency