Ridgefence Wall Spikes

Cactus Wall Spikes

Ridgefence Wall Spikes

Whether you’re looking for added security against intruders gaining access to your property, wishing to discourage cats from your garden or prevent messy birds perching on your fences, the Ridgefence Wall Spike is the perfect solution.

Manufactured from robust plastic spikes, once placed upon your fence-top or wall, it is extremely difficult for intruders or wildlife to exert weight upon it without causing significant discomfort.

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The product is designed to fit on all surfaces and can account for uneven fences or stepped walls.

Taking the form of purpose-made strips of sharp cone-shaped spikes, the wall spikes can be fitted to the tops of fences, walls, gates and other surfaces. Manufactured in the UK from robust, UV-stabilised polypropylene, it is weather resistant and extremely durable. Its unique hinged design enables the product to bend lengthways over concaves, corners or pipes, with the added capability to be trimmed into 3 narrower strips.

  • The length of each strip is 450mm (1.5ft).
  • The width of a whole strip is 45mm (1.8ins).
  • When split lengthways into 3, the width of each strip is 15mm (0.6ins).
  • The height of each cone is 17.5mm (0.7ins).
  • Each box contains 10 cactus strips, providing 4.5m (14.8ft) coverage whole, or 13.5m (44.4ft) when split into 3 narrower strips.

Recommended by the Police and Hartlepool Crime Prevention Unit, the Cactus complies with all current and relevant legislation.

Each box of 10 Cactus strips includes a free warning sign, which should be used in conjunction with the product.

The strips should be fitted at 6ft high minimum, not be hidden in any way, and be used on the top of fences or walls.

Ridgeway currently stock 4 colours: green, black (suited for coated fence systems) silver, and brown (to suit concrete walls or timber garden fencing).