High Spec Palisade

Palisade is available in a wide range of specifications to offer differing levels of perceived risk, starting from low risk for demarcation purposes, through to our high security options.  Our sales team are happy to assist you in meeting your requirements.

If you would like to contact a member of our sales team, please call Belfast +44 (0) 2890 454599, Ashbourne +353 (01) 8027173, or click the button below to send your enquiry via email.

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Electricity Board

Utility Companies

Bonded Warehouses

Communication Buildings

High spec Palisade 2.4 high

3.5mm D Pale Tripoint 19 pales / bay

70mm wide pales 45mm weld to RSA

posts 102×44 3.275 o/all

c/w loose cleats 60x60x6mm

45×45 RSA support 2 no 2750 o/all

End rolls slot 14mmx25mm

Panels fully welded at works

Galvanised & PPC RAL 6011