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Contact us for information about BEKassure installers near you. The BEKassure™ 10-year guarantee is the industry’s only independently audited guarantee. It protects you against sub-standard installation and product performance. It’s a free, added benefit to users of the PRO-net™ licenced contractor network and a committed demonstration of our confidence in both our products and licensed contractors.

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A Guarantee For Owners – At No Cost

BEKassure™ guarantees provide fence owners with the assurance that their fencing systems meet the highest standards of quality and installation. A BEKassure™ guarantee costs our customers nothing.

Betafence PRO-Net™ Licenced Contractors

To ensure the highest standards of installation, Betafence has created the PRO-net™ Licenced contractor network. PRO-net™ contractors have earned their status through exacting assessments of technical competence and quality of service. PRO-net™ licensed contractors are fully independent, which means they take individual responsibility for maintaining Betafence’s high standards.

PRO-net™ contractors are independently audited to ensure that all installation work meets the high standards demanded by the BEKassure™ guarantee.

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