Betafence Installation Guide


Betafence Mesh Fencing

Betafence Mesh Fencing Installation Guide

Betafence has produced a useful new guide on how to avoid common pitfalls when erecting mesh fencing. It covers post heights, spacing and foundations as well as the importance of properly securing panels.

Download the Betafence Guide below, and visit our Specify Online page to find out more about Betafence’s online specification tool.

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Common Pitfalls:

Loose Posts

  • Loose foundations
  • Posts not full depth into ground due to big steps
  • Gaps under fence due to stepping
  • Panels not properly secured due to incorrect stepping
  • Fencing attached to others Posts
  • Cut ends and damage not properly treated.
  • Fence not a standard Betafence specification

Mesh Fencing Installation Guide

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