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What are Alleygates?

Alleygates are a method of limiting access to the rear alleys of homes to residents, service personnel and other authorised people. This is achieved by the installation of lockable gates placed at strategic locations within the alleyways.

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  • Durable steel mesh infill – has good anti climb & anti cut properties
  • Excellent through vision – essential for surveillance
  • The gate has a self locking deadlock – making it less likely to be left open
  • Interchangeable panels – are easier and more cost effective to replace in the event of accidental damage
  • Posts are installed into the ground and do not impose onto walls – reducing noise and vibration
  • Available with a range of toppings
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Special mesh – designed for improved aesthetics

The Expanded Metal Company Alleygator is a specially designed gate incorporating Expanded Metal Mesh infill, supplied for vehicular or pedestrian access. The key system ensures that no two alleyways can be accessed with the same key, and the unique design means they cannot easily be copied. Master keys can be issued to local authorities for emergency maintenance access.

Expanded Metal Company Alleygates have recently gained ‘Police Preferred Specification’ status through the Secured By Design police initiative. The product went through rigorous testing by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and was certified to LPS 1175 : Issue 5 June 2000 – Specification for testing and classifying the burglary resistance of building components, strong points and security enclosures.

Up to 80% of burglaries occur at the rear of a property. The Alleygates have an impact on almost all aspects of crime and other forms of anti social behaviour, such as drug abuse, prostitution, arson, fly tipping and littering.

Alleygates also cut off the thieves ‘rat runs’ which restricts their ability to commit street crimes. Alleygating can substantially improve the quality of life of residents, and in doing so enhance community spirit.


  • Burglary and theft
  • Litter and fly tipping
  • Hassle, misuse and fear


  • Private Space
  • Control
  • Road Safety


  • A cleaner & safer environment
  • Improved Community Spirit
  • Reduced waste management costs for local authorities

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