Robusta® Sliding Gates

Robusta sliding cantilever gates on rail

Robusta® Cantilever Sliding Gates on Rail

Robusta® bottom track sliding gates have an integral guiding posts bridge, a rail with accessories, and a closing post bridge with lock. They are extremely rigid due to their welded construction. The roll and motorisation system is fitted in the underbeam to ensure added safety.

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  • Robusta® Cantilever sliding gates offer high durability and security.
  • Integrates perfectly with all fence types
  • Construction ensures high strength
  • Automation and access control options
  • Available in a wide range of colours and sizes

Robusta® sliding gates are suitable everywhere where operational safety and security have priority: factories and workshops, administrative centers, public buildings, play and sports grounds, public parks, airports and military sites.

Gate wing

  • Welded structure
  • Provided with a cylinder lock (for manual gates)
  • Security topping optional for all heights
  • Two sets of rolls in the underbeam for horizontal and vertical guiding
  • Some types of gates have a roll to support the gate in open condition

Gate Guidance System

  • Guiding posts and end posts with welded ground plates
  • The guiding posts have 2 guiding rolls at the top and an integrated baseplate
  • Special guiding posts with integrated electronics are used for motorisation
  • The end posts of the non motorised gate have a lock system integrated

Tension System

  • An aesthetical tensioning system integrated in the frame guarantees a perfect line of the gate.


  • Gates are galvanised both inside and outside (minimum 275 g/m2, 2 sides combined). Afterwards an adhesion coating is applied (epoxy) then gates are polyester coated (min. 120 micron both layers together).


  • Green RAL 6005
  • Grey RAL 7030
  • Other colours: on request

Robusta Sliding Gates On Rail

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Robusta Cantilevered Sliding Gates

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