Ridgeway Internal Stair Unit

Trad Internal Stair Unit

The Ridgeway Internal stair unit is specifically designed to ensure safe and quick access between levels in stairwells and any open voids. This is a much safer option than ladders. Using a Ridgeway Internal Stair Unit makes the movement of material and tools between floors a safe and easy operation.

Having a Ridgeway Internal Stair Unit helps speed up productivity and also reduces accidents on site. They are a lightweight single piece unit made from aluminium, this allows for a quick and simple installation. The Ridgeway Internal Stair Unit improves overall welfare and efficiency. An optional extended landing platform is also available to enable the stair unit to achieve a greater span over voids for example in town houses.

internal trad stair unit* Lightweight aluminium design

* Adjustable in height

* Optional extended landing platform

* Compliant to BS EN 12811and WAHR

* Tested to a load capacity of 150kg

* Profiled non-slip treads

* Easily moved around site

* Produces greater operative productivity

* Fast, effective movement of workforce

* Narrow design of 600mm width

* Range of height adjustment

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