Spandeck Walkways

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instantlogoInstant Spandeck, is a lightweight aluminium walkway, bridging and staging system in ONE versatile unit. It has a unique reversible design which allows it to be used individually as a walkway or side by side as staging.

Spandeck aluminium walkways can be inverted and used in multiple combinations to provide decks spanning from 3.7 metres or 12 feet up to 9.1 metres or 30 feet and working platform areas of virtually unlimited dimensions.

This walkway/decking system which can be used with Instant Span Alloy Towers to provide complex staging systems, or for permanent high level access installations in TV studios, factory roofs, shopping centre atriums, theatres, etc.

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Modular Walkway System

This Modular Walkway System provides the simple, cost – effective and safe answer to all your high level access requirements.
Using just a small number of standard components, the system is easy to specify yet is versatile enough for the most demanding of locations. Installation is quick and simple and thanks to the light weight design, the need for expensive craneage is reduced. Spandeck Walkways are designed specifically for this application, they not only give you higher performance but in most cases actually cost you considerably less than traditional site-fabricated products.
Spandeck Walkway systems are manufactured using procedures approved to ISO 9001. Our list of Worldwide client references speaks for itself, so if you need the highest quality and best price for a walkway make sure you contact us first.
Ridgeway stocks a comprehensive range of spandeck sizes for hire and sale. A professional fitting service is available.

Spandeck Walkways