The Skymaster is safe, strong and reliable; you will never need another ladder again.

The Skymaster Ladder has a three-section multi-use design. It can be used as a two part free standing extension ladder, a two and three part extension ladder, a single ladder, a trestle / step ladder and a unique stairway ladder.  The Skymaster ladder is fitted with a base stabiliser bar that increases the ladder’s footprint and stability.

The Skymaster is a combination of durability and flexibility, achieved by its innovative and yet timeless German design.

Features and Benefits:

  • Can be used on steps/stairs
  • Upper ladder can also be used separately as single ladder
  • Upper ladder with rung hook and locking tab
  • Strong Perlon straps
  • Sturdy bolt-on fittings made from extruded aluminium sections
  • Optimum wrap-around stile guide that encompasses the whole rung
  • Rung hook and guides are bolted in so that they can be replaced
  • Strong ZARGES quality flanging connects rung and stile
  • Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping and at the same time provide firm seating in the stile
  • Rungs and stiles made from extruded aluminium sections
  • Two rigid locking bars
  • Optimum stability thanks to extra-wide horizontal stabiliser bar
  • Upper ladder with top wheel assembly