The Lyte HIPOD range has been developed to meet the PAS250 standard. The range has been manufactured with the customer in mind, as well as making sure that every part of the standard has been taken into account. The Lyte HIPOD range is designed for ease of use.

The Lyte HIPOD range has an anti-surf option and we have made sure that this can be easily adjusted by the user without the need for any specialist tools.  With no loose or extra fittings the user can disengage two of the castors and replace with a slot in anti-slip foot, where required. As work environments vary so much, we believe this is an important feature.

HIPOD 1000

The HIPOD 1000 has an adjustable platform height of 960mm and 710mm.  It has been manufactured with ease of use in mind. The industrial ballasts that have been manufactured for the product eradicate the need for stabilisers, while still ensuring that the product stays safe and secure. The HIPOD 1000 is the most versatile welded product as it fits easily through standard door frames, without the need to tilt it.

HIPOD 1200 & 1500

These podiums also have adjustable platform heights of 1510mm and 1260mm.  The unique design feature of the HIPOD 1500 is the use of cleverly positioned ballasts, eradicating the need for additional stabilisers. This allows it to fit through a standard doorway while still erected.