Limpet Climb Assist

Limpet Climb Assist & Fall Protection and Rescue


The Limpet - Multi-function Climb Assist System


Ridgeway now supply the state of the art Limpet system for access to wind turbines, on oil and gas offshore installations, and for use in staging events. The Limpet system weighs the climber and equipment and, unlike other systems on the market, automatically applies 90% assistance. A fast, integrated rescue and evacuation function sets the Limpet apart from competitor products. The 90% climb assist gets technicians to the nacelle twice as fast as unassisted climbing and 25% faster than next best system.

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  • 90% climb assist
  • Integrated rescue and evacuation function
  • Intelligent auto-belay; takes in and pays out line = instant arrest if user falls
  • Faster access to nacelle
  • Increased ascents by engineer = more productivity
  • Higher return due to less maintenance time.

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Wind Turbines
Blade Inspection
Oil & Gas Sector
Industrial Access
Emergency Services

Limpet weighs climber + equipment and automatically applies 90% assistance

Intelligent auto-belay; takes in and pays out line = instant arrest if user falls

Integrated rescue & evacuation

85Kg engineer PLUS 5Kg tools

Internal access in wind turbines

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Oil and gas installations

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Why Limpet?

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Limpet Technical Specification

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Limpet Test Specification

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Limpet Climb Assist Comparison

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Fall Protection System

Limpet Rescue Demo

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