PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard 5m and 10m

PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard 5m and 10m

The PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard is suitable for roofs and sloping situations and locks automatically when loaded.

The PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard is a versatile and adjustable rope fall prevention system for flat or sloping situations.  It provides support to a user positioned below the anchorage point or provides restraint against a fall to a user connected to a properly positioned anchor away from the edge.

Its sleeve protects against abrasion, sharp edges and contamination.  The adhesive heat shrink prevents the ID label from being damaged or lost.  This adjustable lanyard allows precise positioning for the work task.

The use of screwlinks (certain models) helps eliminate the risk of side or cross loads, and can be a semi-permanent attachment if required.  Please click here for more information.

The PIRANHA Adjustable Lanyard can be fitted by the user in minutes and requires only a screwdriver.  The user can always maintain a grip of the structure for support when adjusting.  Meets the requirements of EN795 type B.

  • Protective sleeve
  • Adhesive heat shrink
  • One hand operation
  • Easy to use even when wearing gloves
  • User replaceable rope
  • Sizing:- 5m and 10m.
  • Material:- Anodised aluminium rope device, polyamide rope lanyard
  • EN Mass Test:- 125 kg
  • Loading:- Tested dynamically with 125 kg
  • Weight:- 2.65 kg
  • Conformity:- EN 358