Heightec Lanyard Parking Point

Heightec parking point

The Heightec Lanyard Parking Point can be positioned on the harness shoulders so end connectors are stowed high up to reduce trip hazards associated with longer lanyards.

Clipping the leg of a twin lanyard onto a load bearing point on the harness can lead to the incorrect and potentially dangerous loading if the user falls and the energy absorber deploys.  In this situation the lanyard parking point is designed to release which allows the lanyard and harness to be loaded correctly.

It is fully flexible for comfort and helps to avoid snagging.  The Heightec Lanyard Parking Point releases at around 40kg and minimises the chance of accidental release.  This can also be used as a ‘gear loop’ if required.

The parking point can be fitted by the user at any point of the harness (provided the function or adjustment is not affected).