COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier System

COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier System
COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier System

No matter what your place is within the construction industry the benefits of systemised edge protection will be significant.

The COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier System was developed to span trades, accommodating their different edge protection needs within the different phases of construction projects.  It is designed in compliance with EN13374, Class A, B & C.   The COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier System has been the forerunner in edge protection for two decades.

We stock all circular posts and attachments for COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier System.  The circular system with circular posts and attachments was developed for the UK market.

It was developed to offer an alternative safety system in the most challenging construction environments.

The COMBISAFE Steel Mesh Barrier System combines a range of valuable benefits such as strength, durability, speed of installation and adjustability.  It is light to carry and easy to manoeuvre which make them easy to transport and move around site.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Combines guardrails, toe board and debris mesh in one product
  • Steel mesh protection with impact absorbing capacity
  • Closed and returned toe board for greater debris containment
  • Returned top edge with no sharp edges
  • Reinforced side bars for enhanced durability
  • Lightweight, versatile system for speedy erection
  • Weighs under 20kg
  • Adjustable height with no need for disassembly
  • Available in 2.6m and 1.3m widths
  • Available in square and circular variants, the Steel Mesh Barrier system attachments and posts are compatible with most types of structures
  • Wide range of attachments for every building application
  • Automated manufacturing process for maximum strength
  • Designed and manufactured in compliance with EN13374, Class A, B & C