CantiDeck Configurations

CantiDeck Flat Head System

Flat Head System

The flat head system is the standard configuration for securing loading platforms.  It allows the platform to leverage off the ceiling of the structure securing the platform in place.

Maximum Working Height: – The working head room area is fully available.  This is particularly useful when loading pods.

Fast Installation: – The speed of installation makes this our most popular configuration.

Beam Extension

The beam extension configuration is an extended beam on the CantiDeck platform, allowing the prop to be further back in the building to reach available supporting framework.

CantiDeck Beam Extension

Moveable Props

The moveable prop configuration allows the props to be moved along the CantiDeck platform beam so they can be positioned exactly below the available supporting framework.

CantiDeck Moveable Props

Blot Down Anchor

The bolt down system uses a fixing mechanism that bolts down into or through the floor or the structure.  It allows the CantiDeck platforms to be utilised without the traditional propping against a soffit or ceiling.

Versatile Applications: – Available for use with unusually high ceilings or for subterranean access.

Reduces Awkward Loading:- Useful when the framework of the building or nature of materials being loaded out prevents use of standard prop design.

CantiDeck Bolt Down Anchor

Side Bolted Anchor

The side bolted system use a fixing mechanism that fixes the beams of the platform to the walls on either side, if the configuration if the building lends itself to this.  The system allows the CantiDeck platforms to be utilised without the traditional propping against a soffit or ceiling.

Versatile Applications: – Available for use as the concrete core progress or in some subterranean situations.

CantiDeck Side Bolted Anchor

Structural Spreader Beam

When there is no solid floor or ceiling, our team will liaise with site engineers to ensure the loading is acceptable and spread correctly.  This is subject to load calculations.

Versatile Applications: Available for use with structures other than concrete, such as steel frameworks.

Extendable Prop

The extendable prop’s interchangeable leg section can be reconfigured to give coverage of greater floor heights.

Increased Floor Height: – Standard props are compatible with floor heights of between 2.2 – 3.4 metres.  Using the extendable prop, heights of 4.7 metres can be achieved.

CantiDeck Structural Spreader Beam
CantiDeck Structural Spreader Beam

High Sides

High sizes have been designed to provide extra protection for the site workers both on and off the CantiDeck platform, in particular when banking awkward loads or slinging high level lifting points on a load.

Maximum safety: – The high sides help to prevent materials and equipment falling from the platform.

CantiDeck High Sides
CantiDeck Back Props

Back Props

Back props are extendable vertical floor props designed to spread the load from the CantiDeck platform throughout a structure, if necessary in the given environment.

Compliance: -Compliant with the relevant BS EN standards (BS EN16031) and BS EN 1065).

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