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AdvanceGuard Rail System

The AdvanceGuard is a one-piece guardrail which is integral to the build of a mobile tower making it impossible for the user to build the tower without the guardrail in place.

The AdvanceGuard replaces numerous braces used in the traditional build method so improves the speed of erection and reduces the number of components required.

The new AdvanceGuard system from Instant takes tower safety to a new level.

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Ridgeway Safe Access Solutions offer the highest quality walkway systems and safe working platforms utilising standard tower components with a fabrication facility to suit specific client needs. Supported by Upright’s team of dedicated professionals we offer engineering expertise unrivalled in the Alloy Access market.

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Instant AdvanceGuard is a new integral advance guardrail system that provides total fall prevention for the operator throughout assembly and dismantling of the tower. In one versatile unit the lightweight AdvanceGuard improves the operators overall safety when working at height. From the ground level up, the operator is ensured a safe and secure environment to carry out their work at height.

SAFER – added operator safety. AdvanceGuard is an integral part of the structure of the tower – and as such it is not possible to build the tower without them – you simply can’t forget them.

FASTER – The AdvanceGuard simplifies tower assembly by reducing the number of components required thereby requiring fewer assembly steps to build a Work at Height compliant tower. Available on Span 300/400 and 500 Tower Systems, the AdvanceGuard can reduce
components by up to 30%.

BETTER UTILISATION OF STOCK – Fewer components – in a Span 500 6m tower the onepiece guardrail replaces 15 separate braces and for a 4m tower the AdvanceGuard replaces 9 separate braces – less handling and increased speed of assembly. Less load, loss, theft or

Guide to Instant Alloy Tower Systems

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PASMA Fall Protection Report

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AdvanceGuard Assembly Guide

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