PASMA and HSE Join Forces at Ridgeway!

As a proud member of PASMA we recently held a Tower Workshop at our training facility in Belfast. Organised by the Health & Safety Executive and delivered jointly by PASMA and HSE, the workshop proved to be a great success.

HSE inspectors from all over the province heard Claire Bruce of the HSE’s Ashford-based Safety Unit, and Don Aers, PASMA’s technical director, discuss and demonstrate the dangers of using mobile access towers that fail to comply with the requirements of European tower standard EN 1004.

Currently the focus of PASMA’s ‘Not on your life!’ campaign and featured this week in PASMA Tower Safety Week, 10-14 November, the use of non-compliant towers remains a major cause of falls from height.

PASMA and HSE training day at Ridgeway Training and Demonstration Centre