PAS 250 transition to BS 8620:2016

Ridgeway are a proud member of PASMA and are delighted that they have announced that PAS 250:2012, the PASMA sponsored publicly available specification for one-person low-level work platforms (also known as podiums) is transitioning to BS8620:2016.

PASMA recognises that they already have committed members to their PAS 250 and any podiums already approved to PAS 250 can continue to be used and do not need upgraded immediately.

PAS 250 transition to BS 8620:2016
Ridgeway supporting PASMA Tower Safety

PASMA are a not-for-profit trade association. They represent the interests of mobile access tower manufacturers, rental companies and users. PASMA sponsored a publicly available specification for one person low-level working strength, stability, access and rigidity. After having a formal review of the specification, they have announced the news that BSI has approved the transition of PAS 250:2012 to British standard BS 8620:2016.

The PAS 250 went under review with a panel of industry experts. This included representatives from industry, the Health and Safety Executive and trade associations. The change to BS 8620:2016 includes a dimensional change to side protection and a change to two tests.

BS 8620:2016 builds on the work undertaken for PAS 250. This is about enhancing the specification rather than a complete rework and retesting. The BS 8620:2016 was published on the 28th October 2016 and the PAS 250:2012 was withdrawn on the 31st October 2016.
For any customers interested in upgrading to the BS-8620 type approved product they are due to be available from April 2017.  Ridgeway would encourage users to update their procurement policies accordingly to guarantee that future equipment meets the most up to date criteria for strength, access, stability and rigidity. BS 8620 has industry wide backing.

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