Now stocking Conquip Crane Forks and Crane Forks Cages

Through our strategic partnership with Conquip Engineering Group we have introduced Conquip Crane Forks and Crane Forks Cages to our site product range.

Conquip Crane Fork

Conquip Crane Forks are a lifting accessory to be used to be used with a crane or other lifting machine to move palletised loads, where a forklift or telehandler cannot access or would prove inadequate.

The crane forks have a spring-loaded design to ensure that the forks are self-levelling regardless of the weight of the load.  The telescopic customisation option allows easy height adjustment of the forks, to lift a variety of loads.

Fully self levelling pallets, even when unloaded, Conquip Crane Forks have been designed to lift packs of bricks and blocks. The crane attachment has adjustable forks and a frame which allows a safety net to be attached.

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There are two models of crane forks – fixed height or telescopic height. Fixed height crane forks can’t be height adjusted but are designed to lift a standard height pallets. Telescopic crane forks can be height adjusted and are ideal for lifting larger pallets. The load height of these forks can be adjusted from 1100mm to 1600mm by a pin system.

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Conquip Crane Forks Cage

The Conquip Crane Forks Cage is a steel box to safely carry pallets of bricks or blocks and is only designed for use with Conquip Crane Forks, including the fixed and telescopic height models.

The concept was designed in conjunction with the leading UK contractors and lifting personnel, following a lot of near-missus and accidents with Crane Forks being used with a net.  The main concerns were due to brick pallets or wrapping failing and safety restraint net user error.

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Ridgeway and Conquip both recommend this as fail-safe way of transporting bricks and blocks around a building site, when used with Crane Forks.  It is not a standalone piece of lifting equipment.

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