New Site Products available from Ridgeway

Ridgeway are dedicated to safety while working on site.  We have recently added new emerging product ranges to our existing site product portfolio, these are:

• Powder Coated Site Fencing
• Ridgeway Safety Deck
• Ridgeway Internal Stair Unit
• Elite Traffic Cones

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Ridgeway's Powder Coated Sitefence
New Site Products available from Ridgeway

We are now offering our range of Sitefence and crowd control barriers powdered coated.

These include our Round Top or Round Top Centre Bar site fence panels.

The benefits of powder coating your site fencing are:
• Safety yellow for demarcation of hi-risk areas
• Red for contamination or non conformance areas
• Your company colours

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The Ridgeway Safety Deck is an innovative market leading fall prevention solution.  This is used for traditional house building.  The Ridgeway Safety Deck vastly improves safety compared to traditional methods such as bean bags or air bags.

trad-safety-deckThe benefits of using a Ridgeway Safety Deck are:
• Load capacity of 2kn per m2
• Various platform heights
• Three main components
• Various panel sizes available
• Hire or Sale of product
• Full competence training available for installers

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The Ridgeway Internal Stair Unit is designed specifically to ensure quick and safe access between levels in stairwells and any open voids.  This option is much safer than using ladders.   A Ridgeway Internal Stair Unit makes the movement of tools and material between floors a safe and easier operation.

Using a Ridgeway  Internal Stair Unit helps speed up productivity, reduces accidents on site.  It  improves overall welfare and efficiency. An optional extended landed platform is also available to enable the stair unit to achieve a greater span over voids for example in town houses.

trad-internal-stair-unit-1The benefits of using the Ridgeway Internal Stair Unit are:
• Lightweight aluminium design
• Adjustable in height
• Optional extended landing platform
• Compliant to BS EN 12811and WAHR
• Tested to a load capacity of 150kg
• Profiled non-slip treads
• Easily moved around site
• Produces greater operative productivity
• Fast, effective movement of workforce
• Narrow design of 600mm width
• Range of height adjustment

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cones-image-agmRidgeway stock the Elite Traffic Cones.  These come in two parts and two sizes, 750mm in height and 4.5kg in weight and 1000mm in height weighing 7.5kg.  Elite Traffic Cones have blow-moulded top, made from HDPE and can be easily recycled.  The base of the cone is made from 100% thermoplastic recyclable PVC. Both sizes of cones are fitted with the correct reflective sleeve.  Their bases can be coloured and embossed.   The Elite Traffic Cones conform to the requirements of BSEN13422.

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If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team, please call us at either Ashbourne +353 (01) 8027173, or Belfast +44 (028) 90 454599