New Residential Fencing For Ridgeway

We are excited to announce new residential fencing products to complement our comprehensive range at Ridgeway,  offering the perfect solution to the outside space of any home. 

We recently attended an open day showcasing these products and made the decision to bring them to our own market as we were so impressed by their aesthetic appearance, durability, construction and ease of installation.

Introducing Durafor classic, a Wood Plastic Composite Fencing system

The new and innovative range of Durafor Classic (Wood Plastic Composite) fencing and gating options provides a low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional wooden fencing. Flexible, durable and eco-friendly, Durafor will not rot, corrode, crack, never needs painting and is eco-friendly. Manufactured as a sealed wood/plastic composite from 60% wood flour, 30% HDPE and 10% additives, providing a durable construction. Durafor fencing gives a natural look to outdoor living spaces, residential gardens and commercial boundaries. Hugely versatile Durafor panels are compatible with existing concrete posts and can be integrated with timber panels. Durafor panels are lightweight, easy to handle and extremely simple to install. Panels and components are available in a choice of 7 colours and are UV tested to avoid colour fade.

 Zenturo fencing combines the design and appeal of gabion walling with the versatility of upright boundary fencing
Zenturo fencing combines the design and appeal of gabion walling with the versatility of upright boundary fencing

The second product we chose to showcase is named Zenturo fencing  and combines the design and appeal of gabion walling  with the versatility of upright boundary fencing.

The strength of Zenturo Super is its versatility. Easy to install, Zenturo panels can be used for different purposes and in various configurations that offer privacy and security.† The panels can be filled with a variety of natural materials that will allow you to produce walls and boundaries that compliment their environment including: Residential developments, gardens and communal areas Public buildings Parks and green spaces From a closed partition to a garden feature, it offers a unique and highly personal character that combines strength and natural beauty. Zenturo® quality Welded from round galvanised wires, it creates a strong character to any garden or green space by combining varying mesh sizes and the double and alternating horizontal wires. Offering lots of possibilities for personalisation. Climbing plants and Sedums feel at home on the strong grid support. The panel is also highly suited as a decorative garden element in the form of a stand alone garden panel or as a wall panel. The panels can be filled with Sedums to create a ‘living wall’ or any number of decorative natural items such as stones, pebbles, tree bark, branches etc.

Specification sheets and marketing materials are currently being created for these products, however they will be featured on our website very soon.  Click here to view our overall fencing section.  If you would like to find out about these products, please call us on 02890 454599.