Palisade Secures Islandbawn Site

Ridgeway recently supplied perimeter protection at the premises of building merchant Islandbawn Stores in Muckamore. The fencing shown is our 3 metre high bolted Palisade with triple pointed D section pales. The security system was completed with the addition of a manual swinging double leaf vehicle gate.

The installation was carried out by fencing and groundwork specialists Quinn Contracts based in Coalisland, County Tyrone.

Palisade is available in a wide range of specifications to offer differing levels of perceived risk, starting from low risk for demarcation purposes, through to our high security options.  Ridgefence Economy Palisade provides a high level of protection at a reasonable cost and is increasingly seen by owner and Insurance company alike as a high quality cost effective solution. Our sales team are happy to assist you in meeting your requirements.

Complete fence solutions and gates are available in this range to suit budgets and security levels.

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