Flowforge Open Steel Flooring

Ridgeway’s flowforge open steel flooring is an ideal solution for industrial flooring walkways and platforms. We hold a large stock quantity of 6m x 1m panels in plain and serrated with load bearing bars at 3mm or 5mm thick, 30 or 41 pitch and twisted traverse bars at 50 or 100 centres. It Is constructed from mild steel to BS EN 10 025 Fe430A by a forge-welding process in which the load bearing and transverse bars are heated and joined under pressure.

Flowforge products stocked by Ridgeway
Flowforge products stocked by Ridgeway

Panels can be created to suit clients bespoke requirements. Flowforge is the material of choice for high strength and attractive walkways, platforms, gantries and flooring in a range of settings including industrial, educational and public buildings. The range includes specialist products such as non-slip for offshore installations where conditions may be extreme.  Our heavy-duty flooring is designed to endure vehicle loadings or where other heavy loads need to be sustained, and safety grating to prevent items from falling through the floor, as well as standard flooring in a range of finishes.

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Flowforge Safegrid

Matching stairtreads and handrailing are also available.  Our stairtreads are made using open steel grating with a nosing bar/sight bar welded to the front edge and drilled end plates.  This allows for bolting to stair stringers.  Our industrial handrailing system has been extensively used throughout the UK and Ireland on a wide variety of sites.  It can be provided as a fully fabricated system or in standard modular shapes to allow simple handrail systems to be pieced together with the support of tubular or solid bar handrail stanchions.

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