Filter Units form ultimate protection against scour damage.

Filter Units being deployed for river scour protection

Ridgeway’s Filter Unit is a bespoke product specifically designed for construction in the
marine environment. It is a 100% environmentally friendly solution; the nets are made from
99% recycled polyester creating an entirely flexible structure with a stone fill inside, making
them very adaptable.

Filter Units have a one point lifting ring allowing fast and accurate installation with a reduced work force.

They are designed to protect and stabilise riverbanks, bridge foundations and offshore
foundations from scour damage, while encouraging growth of the local marine environment
as a natural habitat for aquatic life and plants.

Pre installed Filter Units before pile installation showing the versatility of the product

Filter units can be used for:
• Cable and pipeline protection and as a counter measure to the problem of pipeline
• Creating a cable and pipeline crossing
• To adjust an uneven seabed when laying pipelines and cables
• River and waterways maintenance
• Flood protection and management

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