Dura Decking Showcased in Marine Environment

Dura Decking is the latest innovative flooring solution adding to Ridgeway’s comprehensive range of flooring products suitable for a variety of environments. In this particular case study, the client chose Dura Decking 146 board in Charcoal with Buzon Pedestals for two raised balcony areas at Portrush Yacht Club.

The adjustable Pedestal Bozon system allows for variations in the flooring depth, prior to the decking being fitted in place.

The client chose Dura Deck for several reasons, the material is lightweight making it an ideal option over concrete slabs which were too heavy for this application. The product needed to be fitted on top of a ‘Tegral’ roof system. Dura Decking is compatible with pedestal fixings which can also allow for a gradient on the surface. Please see the image to the left which demonstrates these pedestals being fitted. Dura Deck also features a non-slip surface, has low maintenance requirements and is particularly suited to the harsh coastal conditions due to its a hard wearing nature.

As you can see from the photographs, the Dura Decking panels shown provide an attractive appearance adding to the views enjoyed by those at the location. The decking also features below the surface fixing system so there are no unsightly fixings in view of pedestrians. It also makes this solution ‘bare foot friendly’ which for marine applications can be particularly important.

This system features Buzon Pedestals, Treated Timber Sub Frame, Dura Decking and Clip System.

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