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Here at Ridgeway we stock a vast range of decking and cladding products.  These are all manufactured by DURA Composites and are made from Wood Plastic Composite (WPC).  We are the exclusive distributor in Ireland for all DURA Composites product ranges.

Dura Deck

Produced from WPC, Dura Deck is strong and durable, looks and feels like natural wood and its unique timber composite formula provides longer lasting decking that is environmentally friendly. It is also extremely easy to install and will require minimal maintenance, which makes it perfect for parks, balconies and walkways.

Dura Deck is made from 87% recycled materials, and is now available in 100% FSC timber. After the installation process, the decking will only require basic cleaning and will not suffer from warping or rotting. Dura Decking has an innovative subsurface fixing system which means no nails or screws will go through the decking itself, creating a smart, uniform and barefoot friendly deck.

Dura Decking
DURA Decking
Dura Deck

Dura Decking is manufactured from polyethylene-based resins, reclaimed hardwood and finished with an attractive hardwearing anti-slip finish. This form of decking eliminates rot, algae growth discolouration and significantly reduces the risk of slipping in wet conditions.

Dura Cladding

Dura Cladding is made using a highly developed extrusion process, with a unique timber and plastic composition. It is manufactured using recycled high-density polyethylene polymers, recycled ground hardwoods and specifically engineered additives and when harnessed together with high performance coupling agents, will provide a beautiful low maintenance 87% recycled and 100% Certified FSC wall cladding.

Dura Cladding also provides a traditional wood cladding appearance coupled with a 25-year design life and a fraction of the maintenance costs of natural wood. Dura Cladding is ideal for commercial premises, display areas and offices and factories.

150 Flush Barn Black Dura Cladding
Dura Cladding supplied by Ridgeway
150 Flush Barn Black Dura Cladding

Dura Cladding is quickly becoming a popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial and domestic buildings, providing a hardwearing, protective layer against the elements and acting as an excellent insulator.

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