Traffic and Pedestrian Management Solutions

EVO Barrier
Here at Ridgeway we carry vast a range of products useful for traffic and pedestrian management including temporary and permanent fencing, boundary demarcation, signs, traffic cones and plastic road barriers available to hire or buy. EVO Barriers: - Our EVO Barrier range consists of three design sizes, these can be fully interlocked into each other allowing a fully versatile variable… Read More

Rota Block Mini

Rota Block Mini
The Rota Block Mini system is our new addition to our water filled ballast blocks range.  They fit standard mesh fence panels of any length.  Their secure safety chain fastening provides stability which allows for easy adjustment. MIRA Wind Speed Test Results – full blocks on 3.5 mesh Cat B Wind – 54mph Cat A Wind – 59mph If you… Read More

GB2 Heavy Duty Barrier

GB2 Barrier
Our GB2 Heavy Duty Water Filled Barrier System is ideal for highway or site delineation for pedestrian and vehicle safety.  They are a robust heavy duty adaptable barrier system suitable for low level containment. The GB2 Heavy Duty Barrier has a 2-metre working length and height of 0.9 metre.  Their pin locking device allows each barrier to have a 35-degree… Read More

RB22 Restraint / Crash Barrier – 50mph

RB22 Restraint / Crash Barrier
Our RB22 Restraint / Crash Barrier System is tested and approved to VS EN1317-N1 50mph (80kmph) Crash Test.   The system is a one-piece moulded crash barrier with no added sections. The RB22 Restraint / Crash Barrier have been produced as a capable barrier system that on impact will bring an errant vehicle to a controlled stop yet they are easy… Read More

Ridgeguard Pedestrian Restraint Systems

Ridgeguard pedestrian restraint barriers
Our Ridgeguard pedestrian restraint barriers offer a generous 2 metre working length with a height of 1 metre, making them a reassuring presence on any site or walkway.  They create a highly visible protective wall for pedestrians, whilst making motorists aware they are approaching a hazardous area. The Ridgeguard pedestrian restraint barriers are easy to deploy and adapt to uneven… Read More

RB2000 Heavy Duty Barrier

Ridgefence Road Barriers
Our RB2000 Barrier System offers complete road and site safety.  They are a 1 metre high heavy duty low level containment barrier system, which are compatible with most of the RB systems.  The RB2000 road barrier system can be weighted to 400gk when water filled.  This creates a solid flat walled secure system.  They can be fitted with RB2000 Security… Read More

EVO Barriers

EVO Barrier
Our EVO Barrier range consists of three design sizes, these can be fully interlocked into each other allowing a fully versatile variable height barrier system. The EVO Barrier can be water filled or for a more permanent requirement sand filled and can be assembled with ease.  These have been designed to create a solid wall leaving no gaps between each… Read More